Les Baer, himself, at SHOT, on the right

Les Baer


Tara, Brian, Dave

Tara, Brian, Dave

 Dave Lange, Ruby Fox, James Lenardson, Penny Lenardson

 Dave Ruby Penny and Jimmy

Kathy and Ali D at Uchee Creek

Kathy Chatterton and Ali Duckworth

Henderson and Reiter

James Henderson, Steve Reiter


Karen Pitts, Amanda Carter, Kimmer and Kathy/Zins and Zins

Marines past and present....bye Carlos!  We miss you......

Team UltraDot 2005...Lange, Monahan, Steinbrecher, Gillis

Sanderson, Sokolowski (Hi Janet!) and Henderson

Keith Sanderson, Janet Sokolowski, James Henderson


Ali Duckworth

Dex Conrad, before he got the Purple Heart

Dex Conrad

Marine Team and the Les Baer Team




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