The original team
 Kimberly, Kathy, Kim and Mary Lou

Team 2012
Kimberly Hobart, Kathy Chatterton, Kim Radford, Theresa Meyer
  •  Kathy Chatterton was sponsored by Springfield Armory in 1993, but left Springfield to shoot for Les.

  • In 1996, Kathy asked Les to sponsor an entire team of women, the first of its kind in conventional pistol.   Les agreed.

  • Mary Lou Nicholas  and Kim Radford, both known to Chatterton as conventional pistol and international pistol champions, accepted the offer of sponsorship.

  • Kimberly Hobart was recommended to the team by Richard Rodriquez (Top Rod to the Marines!) of Team Springfield as an excellent shooter with great potential. 

  • Denise Jackson came to the team in 2005, shooting a score that helped the team to break a 30 year old National record

  • Viki Hendrikson of Washington State joined the team in 2007

  • The team welcomed Theresa Meyer, USOC resident athlete but a born three gun shooter in 2011.

  • 4 members have ranked as masters in conventional and/or international pistol, 1 is High Master.  3 of the 4 have won the distinguished service pistol award, one is revolver distinguished and pistol distinguished. 


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