Shooting USA does "Tech Spot" with Les Baer Team
Kimberly Hobart talks about her Les Baer Pistol

Kimberly Hobard with Shooting USA

team 2007

    Team 2012-Kimberly, Kathy, Kimmer, Teresa

2012 Team Captain Kimberly Hobart

Kimberly Hobart 

2012 Coach Kathy Chatterton 

Kathy Chatterton Team Coach

Kim Radford (Distinguished)



                                          Teresa Meyer (US Olympic Training Center resident athlete)

Theresa Meyer

team news 

Les Baer Team 2012

Les Baer Custom Pistol Team-holders of the ladies .45 caliber team National record

Kim Radford, Kimberly Hobart, Kathy Chatterton, Teresa Meyer 

Les Baer Pistol Team 2011



*****News from Camp Perry 2012!*****

Kimberly Hobart 2012 Woman National Champion .22 Caliber Pistol  

Kathy Chatterton 2012 Woman National Champion EIC Service Pistol & Krelstein Trophy

Teresa Meyer earns second Presidents 100 Award at Camp Perry

Kim Radford does first TV interview with Shooting USA

  • Kathy Chatterton won High Woman in the National Standard Pistol Sectional 2012

  • Kathy Chatterton won the Rose Krelstein Trophy for top combined Service Pistol and President's Hundred Score 2011

  • Kimberly Hobart won High Woman National Champion in the Preliminary Championship, High Woman National Champion .22 caliber pistol, and was 2009 Pennsylvania State Open Winner with a 2617-109X!!

  • Kathy Chatterton won High Woman in the 2009 National Sectional Championships for Standard Pistol and Conventional Pistol

  • Viki Hendrickson won:
    2nd Place Washington State Indoor - and Top Woman 2008
    National record Ladies Indoor Pistol, 90 shots, .22, slow, timed, rapid NRA Gallery Course, 50 Feet  875-28x
     NRA National Postal Master Class Award Winner  584-20x 2007
  • National record set by Les Baer team!  The team broke a 30 year old record last owned by the US Army Women's Team in .45 caliber pistol at the All-States Regional Championship, June 2005

Current Number of National Records won with our

Les Baer Pistols- 


Theresa Meyer with Shooting USA

Teresa Meyer with Shooting USA Crew after interview

Kim Radford with Shooting USA

Kim Radford does her interview with Shooting USA